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The importance of sports bras

28th May 2015

Women up and down the country have embraced running, with women-only events such as Race for life and Pretty Muddy increasing in popularity, alongside the emergence of women-only online running forums and Facebook pages.

The exercise classes I attend have increased in numbers, the majority of the increase being ladies. It seems "us ladies" are becoming more aware of health and well being.

Maybe taking little time to take care for ourselves, setting challenges or maintaining a goal already reached or even learning something new!


I have championed women joining sports clubs and/or teams or undertaking a new and exciting personal fitness journey since my early teens when sport played a major role in my life.

Personally, sport has increased my confidence, enabled me to socialise and helped me to achieve personal goals of my own.


I always did wear a sports bra (yes they existed many moons ago, not quite as brilliant as they are today though).

This wasn't because my mother told me to, as she didn't really understand "a girl doing sport", I wanted to wear one.

I wore a sports bra because I needed one, I was uncomfortable and embarrassed running cross country or hiking across Dartmoor with my boobs bouncing and flouncing in all directions!

I didn't like my straps rubbing, or the seams chaffing and destroying my nipples when I wore my normal bra!

Ladies, I've seen you, running/jogging/power walking up and down and around the streets of Lincoln and beyond. I think you are all brilliant for getting out there, I've seen that big smile on your face and I've smiled with you.

And then I've noticed your boobs, yes BOOBS, bouncing and flinging around in a figure of 8 motion, I've seen you hoicking up them straps, picking at your nipples or worse, holding on to them with your hands!!!

Did you know, if you are an A cup, your boobs can bounce up to 4cm when you jog?

Imagine how far a G cup can bounce? Blimey, that's a whole lot of bouncing going on there!

WARNING: Its also damaging to your delicate breast tissue, the bad news is, once breast tissue is stretched, it can not regain elasticity.

So, lets think logically;

  • Would you go for a run in your flip flops? No, that's just silly
  • Would you do an aerobics class in your high heels? No, you must be joking
  • Then why, oh why, are you exercising wearing your everyday work bra or a lacy bedroom number?

Madness, this is a fast track to ruining your pretty bras not to mention ruining your pretty boobs.

Next time you think about new trainers, or a fab new pink sparkly running top, think boobs, think sports bra.

Get it fitted as you would your normal bra, talk to your bra fitter about the type of training you are doing. She will help you to choose the best bra for you.

Remember, this brilliant new sports bra is going to be doing a lot of work. It will be holding your boobs firm, soaking up a bucket of sweat (hell yes, sweat it out girls), it's going to be soft and seamless inside the cup to ensure your nipples are kept in tip top condition and plenty elasticated so you can actually breathe.

Phew, the sports bra is a worker! It's exhausting thinking about how much work it has to do!

This amazing, brilliant and talented bra is going to set you back around £40-£50, there are many sports bras on the market today in a variety of colours and sizes from A-J cup.

It should last you 6-9 months minimum if you stay the same size and you look after it (refer to manufacturers washing/drying guide).

I have had some of my sports bras for 2 years, worn approximately twice a week each and they are still going strong, if a little faded (all that sweating you see!).

So, when I'm out and about and I see you running or jogging I will smile and mentally congratulate you on being active (I am also inclined to high five fellow female runners, it's a problem that requires medical intervention).

I will also congratulate you on taking care of your boobs.

Claire xx

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